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Crafting Unforgettable Event Experiences

An event management brand with decades of experience providing services like sound, lighting, stage, and event design whilst creating memorable events.

Memorable Experiences

We provide unforgettable experiences that create lasting memories for customers, whether through live events, immersive experiences, or multimedia content.

Professional Expertise

We brings years of professional expertise in delivering high-quality entertainment experiences,  building partnerships and collaborating with other industry players.

Diverse Offerings

 With a wide range of entertainment offerings, an entertainment company can cater to a diverse audience, from music and theatre to gaming and virtual reality.


We have a range of skills and expertise necessary for designing and delivering high-quality entertainment experiences, including expertise in Site Plan Design, audio visual production, sound engineering and stage & lighting design.


To produce captivating, innovative, and original entertainment concepts, we offer diverse creative competencies, including Data Analytics, Digital Marketing and Concept Design, which are fundamental for developing unique and compelling entertainment experiences that engage and inspire audiences.


To ensure the successful delivery of high-quality entertainment experiences, we offer a wide range of management competencies, such as Site Event Logistics, Quality Management of performers, technicians, and creative professionals, and Health and Safety.

Upcoming Shows

“The entertainment experience provided by Entyce Media was absolutely phenomenal – from the stunning visuals to the amazing performances, it was truly unforgettable!”

Winnie, Gor Consultancy

“Working with Entyce Media was a breeze – their team was professional, organized, and delivered top-notch service and expertise throughout the entire event planning process.”

Esther, Lusona Events

“I highly recommend Entyce Media for any event – their creative concepts, technical prowess, and management expertise ensure an unforgettable entertainment experience that will delight audiences of all ages.”

Gerald, ExPa

Sunday Cruise Turns 12

The Sunday Cruise is a unique DJ-driven night out that offers nostalgic music from the 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s played live and on-screen with music videos. This was founded by DJ Nijo in 2011